Buy the eBook as an online app

Ready to get started? Then only one step separates you from the Inside Soccer Coaching eBook as an online app. Here you will find a detailed instruction on how to get your book as an online app in just a few steps.

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Step 1: Purchase online app

If you have decided on the online app version of our eBook, then simply click on the button "Buy Online eBook".

Step 2: Create App Account

Now you have to set up the account for your online app. First click on the tab "Sign Up" and choose either the quick login via Facebook or Gmail, or enter your data below.

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Step 3: Buy the book of your choice

Choose which eBook you want to buy as an online app and click on the button "Buy book"

Step 4: Payment details (& enter discount code)

You are almost there. Simply enter your payment details and you are ready to go. If you have received a discount code, click on "Enter Discount Code" (depending on the location also indicated as "Enter Promotional Code").

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Step 5: Complete payment (confirm discount code)

First click on "Apply" or "Confirm" (see first arrow) when you have entered a discount code. The price is now VISIBLY REDUCED. After that, just enter the remaining data and click on "Pay".

Step 6: Open book

After a few seconds (4-5 seconds) your dashboard will reload. Instead of "Buy" it will now read "Open book" under your article - you can now click on it and enjoy the book.

Alternative: If the screen does not reload, you can also click on "Refresh" in the upper right corner of the 3-point menu and trigger a reload. After this step the button "Open book" should appear.

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